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Hi, My name is Arieh Lev Breslow. Every morning for 30 years I have begun my day with Tai Chi and Chi Gung. From personal experience I believe that the regular practice of Tai Chi and Chi Gung will keep you healthy and help you to enjoy a high quality of life. This belief is solidly supported by scientific studies on the efficacy of Tai Chi, some of which you can find on this website. In addition to my daily practice I have written extensively on Tai Chi and produced videos and dvds with specific Tai Chi health exercises. These products will help you to take advantage of the many benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Gung. To find out more about these products, click here.

Tai Chi has also been shown to improve the balance and the ability to walk in seniors and the physically challenged. Tai Chi can prevent falls, alleviate the fear of falling and greatly reduce injuries and fractures in older adults. Helping people to overcome their walking disabilities is one of my specialties. To this end I wrote and teach 'The Tai Chi Falls Prevention Manual' and produced a Falls Prevention video and dvd. To find out more about the Manual, video and dvd, click here.

Please feel free to browse my website and to read the free essays, examine the scientific research on Tai Chi or learn more about my school, The Jerusalem School of Tai Chi Chuan. I hope that in some way your health will improve because of my work and this website.

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In the Garden of my Teachers, Essays and Writings on Taijiquan, 1987-2007

My new book, In the Garden of my Teachers, Essays and Writings on Taijiquan, 1987-2007, contains twenty-two thoughtful and at times provocative essays. For example, contrary to conventional wisdom, I suggest that the ideas of Confucius played an equal role to those of Laozi in the development of Taiji. In the essay, ‘The Role of Taiji in Human Evolution,’ I demonstrate how the principles and practice of Taiji correspond to the specialized criteria that enables bipedal human beings to walk upright in the most efficient and practical way. In ‘The Taiji Way of Giving Birth,’ my students recount the stories of their pregnancies in the context of how they used Taiji to enhance their birthing experiences. There are several essays that show how Taiji can improve the walking and balance of seniors and the physically challenged. In ‘Push Hands and the Development of Internal Energy,’ I explain how the Taiji Classics interpret the development of internal (Jing) energy, how to nurture this force in the form and apply it in Push Hands.

For more information about the book, Table of Contents and to read one essay, click here.

Reviews and Praise for 'In the 'Garden of My Teachers'

From the Journal of Asian Martial Arts:

"In the Garden of My Teachers' is a worthwhile addition to the library of all serious students or teachers of Taiji. It provides a good sourcebook and fine summary of important Chinese Taiji Classics that must be incorporated into the practice and teaching of Taiji. Mr. Breslow, in the Jewish tradition Semicha, the practice of handing down traditions from one generation of teacher to the next, provides with clarity many of the fundamental Confucian principles believed in and practiced by Professor Zhengmenqing. He also provides insight into the origins and practice of Taiji that only a trained historian can convey. I recommend this book highly to Taiji students and the general public at large, and most importantly to all persons who wish to expand their physical and spiritual horizons."

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The Yang Taijiquan (Tai Chi) Short form of Zheng Man Qing Video and DVD
for Beginning and Intermediate Students
with Anne and Arieh Lev Breslow
The Qigong of Jou Tsung Hwa

This Tai Chi teaching video and DVD is dedicated to our teachers, Zheng Man Qing (Cheng Man Ch'ing) and his senior student, Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo. Zheng Man Qing created the Yang short form (37 postures) from the long form (128 postures) because he wanted to make Taiji (Tai Chi) easier for people to learn. He eliminated many of the repetitions in the long form while preserving its essence. The Professor, as he was affectionately called, was a true renaissance man. He was known as the master of five excellencies; doctor, artist, calligrapher, poet and master of Taijiquan. Although he passed away a few years before we began our studies, he has remained our guiding light through his teachings and his student, our teacher, Ben Lo.


1) Introduction of Form Principles
2) The Taiji Form
3) Detailed Form Instructions
4) Qigong
Video and DVD -- $34.95 Running time 52 minutes

Free!  Detailed Written Form instructions with the purchase of the video or DVD.

The origins of Tai Chi from Confucius, Laozi to Zheng Man Qing

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Beyond the Closed Door:
Chinese Culture and the
Creation of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

(Paperback, 397 Pages)

'Beyond the Closed Door' explains in clear layman's terms how Tai Chi grew up as a unique child of Chinese culture. The book frames Chinese ideas in the context of Western thought, pointing out the differences as well as the similarities. 'Beyond the Closed Door' is not a how-to book for someone wishing to study the Tai Chi form. Rather it is an examination and an analysis of Tai Chi's multifaceted origins, its profound principles and its historical foundations.


The manual is a complete guide to improve balance and walking,
is based on Tai Chi and is taught in hospitals and senior centers.
The manual comes with DVD/Video demonstrating the exercises.

Recommended by doctors and professional caregivers.

The Tai Chi Falls Prevention Manual
for Seniors and the Physically Challenged

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"Before working with Arieh I had trouble getting around at all because of two strokes. Now I can walk with the help of a walker and go up stairs with support. The quality of my life has improved dramatically."
-- Joe Black, age 93.

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Your parents need strong legs to enjoy their senior years
From you, a gift of love: The Tai Chi Falls Prevention Manual and Video

"Doing the Tai Chi Walking exercises with my mother provided me an opportunity to bond with her in a special way. Just holding her hand as we did the walking exercise brought us closer. It was a way for me to show how much I loved her."
Mark Amiel

What do Confucius, Laozi, Maimonides, Abraham Lincoln and Zhengmanqing have in common? The belief in the middle path to health; that less means more.

When Less Is More
(paperback, 134 pages)

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I wrote 'When Less is More: Using the Mind To Exercise the Body' as a holistic health manual to address the needs of mind, body and emotions. The key to health is striking a balance in daily life. This is The Middle Path, the way of wisdom. "When Less is More" will show you how to achieve better health and well-being through dynamic meditations, clear visualizations and powerful Chi Gung (Chinese health exercises). 'When Less is More' also contains instructions for those with Special Needs such as seniors. A 45 min. companion video demonstrates the warm-up and Chi Gung exercises.

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"Through meditation, Chinese qigong exercises and sound practical advice, Arieh Breslow provides a highly workable program for dealing with the increasing demands of today's stressful society."

--Ronnie Robinson, publisher of the 'Tai Chi Chuan & Internal Arts Magazine.'

NEW!! On the Wings of Dragons
The Great Chinese Martial Arts Murder Mystery.

(paperback, 436 pages)


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After the death of his young son Detective Dave Washburn feels guilty as sin. He stares down the barrel of his own gun but he doesn't pull the trigger. Washburn is about to discover that there are other ways to blow your mind. Basketball star Johnny Chang is murdered and Washburn is assigned to the case. He discovers that Chang's body may lie in the morgue but Johnny is very much alive. Washburn finds himself treading a thin line between fact and fiction, where life and death are different states of the same reality. Before him lies a leap of faith that could destroy his sanity or lead him through the gates of immortality and possibly to his own redemption.
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"This is the first fiction book I've found that manages to combine a murder mystery and the realm of Chinese arts so successfully. An excellent read!" -- Karen Limb, Review for 'Tai Chi Chuan and Internal Arts Magazine'

"The novel is very well written, with intriguing characters and strong, believable dialogue. You will keep turning the pages, and maybe fantasizing even after the last page is closed." --Dvora Waysman, Review for 'the Jerusalem Post'



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